The Complete Guide to Restaurant Digitalisation and How it Can Impact the Food Industry

7 Oct 2022 | Guides & Tutorials

The Complete Guide to Restaurant Digitalisation and How it Can Impact the Food Industry

Introduction: What is Digitalisation?

The term “digitalisation” is used to refer to the process of transforming a business or an industry from analog to digital.

Digitalisation is not just about technology, it also includes the transformation of how people work, interact and engage with one another.

Digitalisation will change how we work, live and play. It will bring unprecedented opportunities for business growth and social progress, but it will also disrupt many established ways of doing things.

How Digitalisation is Transforming the Food Industry

The digital age has revolutionised the way we do things. And the food industry is no exception. With contactless payment, QR codes, delivery options and takeaway services, there are many ways in which the industry has been transformed.

This article will look at some of these changes and how they have impacted on our food consumption habits. It will also explore how the digital age has changed the way we shop for food.

What are the 3 Key Drivers of Business Innovation?

The world is changing fast. And this change is affecting how we work, how we live, and where we invest. The digital revolution has given rise to an era of information overload. And yet, it has also created new opportunities for innovation that are unprecedented in human history.

With the right mix of leadership, culture, tools, talent and time, any company can foster innovation in their business – and reap the rewards that come with it.

1) Leadership: Leaders have a responsibility to foster an environment where creativity can flourish and ideas are welcome at all levels.

2) Culture: Innovation starts with a culture that values risk-taking and rewards experimentation over following the rules.

3) Tools: The right tools can help your team collaborate more effectively, explore new ideas faster than

How Does a Business Know if It’s Ready for Digitalisation?

A business can be “ready” for digital transformation in many ways, but there are some tell-tale signs that you should look out for.

The first step is to identify the company’s current state in relation to its digital transformation readiness.

For example, has the company already invested in a website?

Is it using any social media channels?

Are they trying to attract more customers online?

Are they investing in expanding to delivery and takeaway options?

If so, then these are all signs that the company is at least open to exploring digital transformation.

How Appatizr is Streamlining how Restaurants Digitalise

Appatizr is a new platform that has combined payment systems and vending options into one singular platform. Not only that but Appatizr is using its platform to promote small restaurants and increase their customer base. To sign up for Appatizr’s free restaurant digitalisation tools, just click here.